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PhenQ: Can You Use All of the Products Together?

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14 Mar 2024

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  1. What is PhenQ?
  2. What is PhenQ PM?
  3. What is the PhenQ Meal Shake?
  4. The body-boosting benefits of using all three PhenQ products
  5. Do you need to do anything else to lose weight?
  6. Should you take all PhenQ products?

Losing weight can be challenging—even more so if you don't have any support guidance. Counting your ‘calories in and out’ alone is hard enough. 

But making sure you cover all bases can prove time-consuming and requires plenty of planning—not to mention willpower.

If only a magic pill could do all the work for you, allowing you to lose weight without worrying about what you eat or how much you exercise.

Sadly, no such pill exists. But there are formulas designed to make your weight loss journey easier and support you in making healthy decisions along the way.

PhenQ has been explicitly formulated to help with weight loss. Unlike most weight loss formulas, it's designed to help you throughout the day. This is important because one of the biggest stumbling blocks of any weight loss journey is temptation, which can appear at any time.

There are multiple PhenQ products, all formulated to be used together to help amplify your weight loss results, boost metabolism, and help you burn fat around the clock. This will ensure you get full support throughout your weight loss campaign.

But, can you use all three together alongside a healthy, balanced lifestyle?

Let’s find out.


What is PhenQ?

You can take PhenQ original with breakfast and lunch.

PhenQ is a pill that, through its natural formula, has helped over 200,000 people lose weight. It helps keep you on course with your dieting goals and makes the whole journey much easier.

If you're looking for a way to stop hunger cravings, burn fat, and get on with your daily life without the dieting distraction or discomfort, PhenQ is for you. 

PhenQ is different from other weight loss pills because it's an all-in-one product that helps in various ways…

It helps to burn fat

The natural ingredient capsimax helps burn excess fat and calories even when you're sleeping. 

It suppresses your appetite

Fewer cravings means fewer calories consumed, including the urge to snack between meals. Feeling fuller will help you control your appetite and plan your meals more sensibly.

It blocks fat production 

Blocking fat production is a huge plus, and PhenQ contains ingredients that help stop the production of new fat, which means better weight control. 

It improves your mood and energy levels 

One of the significant issues with dieting is the lack of energy you have due to consuming fewer calories. 

PhenQ contains a blend of energy-boosting ingredients designed to stop the energy dips caused by dieting, which will positively affect your mood and focus.

So, PhenQ gives you the power of multiple weight loss supplements in just one pill each day. It's designed to help you get through your waking hours with a spring in your step and keep you on track with your weight loss goals.

phenq pm

What is PhenQ PM?

You can take PhenQ PM before bed so you can burn around the clock.

As opposed to PhenQ original, which looks after you in the daytime, PhenQ pm will actually help your weight loss while you sleep. 

It's a natural weight-regulating formula that optimizes all three stages of fat-burning while you get some well-deserved rest. It helps to shift excess pounds, crush hunger cravings, and reboots your metabolism while you're sleeping to start you off on the right footing for the next day.

It's the perfect addition to the daily pill, and taking PhenQ pm will ensure your weight loss efforts don't end the moment you step into bed.

phenq meal shake

What is the PhenQ Meal Shake?

The PhenQ Meal Shake can be taken instead of a main meal.

Yes, the PhenQ Meal Shake replaces one full meal each day and works alongside both PhenQ original and PhenQ PM. It contains 13 key vitamins and minerals, 16g of whey protein, and no added sugars.

The problem with many diet shakes is that they often leave you feeling tired due to a lack of essential nutrients. 

You won't have that issue with PhenQ as it's packed with natural protein, vitamins and minerals to give you more physical and mental energy and strength. It will also help satisfy your appetite, leading to fewer cravings for snacks. The digestive enzymes help to fire up your metabolism to assist with fat burning.

The body-boosting benefits of using all three PhenQ products

Losing weight can be uncomfortable. You can struggle from meal to meal, trying not to snack too much—and living in a calorie deficit can leave you feeling tired or irritable. The feeling of being out of your comfort zone can often derail weight loss efforts.

Using all three products will mean you’ll have support in your weight loss efforts 24 hours a day while making the most healthy lifestyle choices, which makes it a very different journey.

All PhenQ products will support you at various stages of your daily efforts to help to…

  • Stem hunger pangs and cravings
  • Give you added energy
  • Fully support your weight loss efforts
  • Boost your your mood
  • Give you added weight loss confidence
  • Get better quality sleep

PhenQ is all about creating a better you, both mentally and physically—and all three products working together will give you the best chance of getting to your dream weight.

Do you need to do anything else to lose weight?

All three PhenQ products will help you on your weight loss journey by burning excess fat, suppressing your appetite and giving you the energy to push through each day.  

This means that some of the work will be done for you. It would be great to think that you can eat whatever you want, and not have to worry about exercising, but if you want a healthy weight, you still need to adopt a healthy lifestyle. 

There are two of the main things to concentrate on if you're serious about losing weight…


This might send shudders of fear through the system for some, but don't panic or go signing up to any gym memberships just yet. 

PhenQ will support you through various aspects of your weight loss journey, such as suppressing your appetite and burning fat. But if you want to do it properly and see it through to the end, you need to work with it. It’s time to get moving.

Exercising doesn't mean working out like a bodybuilder 24/7, though if you are happy to do that, great.  

The idea behind weight loss is to burn more calories than you consume. So to burn the calories, you need to move about in a way that makes you happy. 

Anything from a brisk 20-minute walk each day is great, and the more you are on your feet, the better. 

Jogging will help things further, as will cycling or swimming, and if you want to try a little weight training, too—that's perfect.

Stay active to keep the weight loss journey moving in the right direction. You’ve got this.


Watching what you eat is essential to weight loss, but that doesn't mean you have to be on an extreme diet. 

Some basic switches, such as swapping sugary snacks for fruit, can help immensely and drop the calories without you even realizing it.

It's vital that you are getting essential nutrients in your diet to keep you strong and energized. Foods to concentrate are…

Protein-rich foods such as fatty fish, eggs, and lean meats help you feel full and support bone and muscle health.

Fruit and vegetables are perfect for keeping your vitamin levels topped up, and chickpeas, oats, black beans, nuts and seeds are great for helping you to feel full without packing in the calories. 

A well-balanced diet will help you to avoid making the wrong food choices or snacking in between meals.


happy healthy women talking

Should you take all PhenQ products? Final thoughts…

Using just one of the PhenQ weight loss products will help you in your weight loss journey. But for maximum effect and to give yourself the best chance of success, you should take all three products.  

You can take them at different times of the day to help you through the journey. For example…

  • PhenQ can be taken in the morning to help stem cravings until lunchtime
  • PhenQ Meal Shake can be taken instead of lunch
  • PhenQ PM can be taken in the evening before you retire to keep the fat-burning process going while you sleep

If you're looking for a weight loss product that will support you throughout your entire journey, even when you sleep, PhenQ has it all.